SINCE 2015 we have been involved in continuous innovation and design for global health security. We have shared our stories on several platforms around the world. Some of our initiatives include:
  • Problem

    Health security is the last thing on a traveler’s mind, complex Port Health Service at Point of Entries will reduce traveler’s compliance and also waste public sector resources.

  • Solution

    A digital coordination platform that nudges travelers’ compliance with simple steps and pushes complex requirements into a single set of actions

  • Partners

    It is a digitized Port Health Service solution under one roof supporting travelers and PoE officials. It helps travelers fulfil travel requirement as stated in fast changing government policies (especially during events of public health importance), it puts easy control and visibility in the hands of Port Health Services officials, it ensures rapid and secure data exchange between Port Health Services and relevant government agencies. Over 3700 international terminals around the world are currently in SaferPorts, this provides terminal to terminal passengers flow visibility.

Other Projects