About EpidAlert

(formerly EbolaAlert)

Inspired by Ebola outbreak in West Africa


EpidAlert (formerly EbolaAlert) is a Nigerian not-for-profit applying some of its innovations and lessons learnt from the Ebola response to the wider business of disease prevention, detection and response to foster global health security.

EbolaAlert served as a glue in the command and control of Ebola in Nigeria and also ranked high in its unique use of technologies such as social media, telephony, and other digital services.

EpidAlert's Vision

For our Work

To become that organization of great people working with communities to stay healthy and definitively protected from all health threats of now and the future.

For our people

To serve as a place where people find meaning and purpose in work, colleagues and overall culture.

For the society

To support communities in becoming better neighbours in the process of staying healthy. We want to be called the enabler of connected African communities of our time.

Our Initiatives

Connecting Communities

We provide linkages for communities and engage them to imbibe positive health behaviour.

T.E.C.H.E Academy

We grow skills and capacity for people that drive awareness and behaviour change for communities.


We develop and utilise digital tchology for work communication and disease control

Research& Data

We collect and manage data through our broad interactions to help guide decisions in risk communication and disease control.

Social Media for Health

We apply socila media tools to supportpeople deriving choices nad behaviour from online communities.



We control preventable Diseases, Improve access to Basic Health Services, Develop high-performing health workforce, Strengthen community engagement

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